Carmen Ramirez Oxnard Councilwoman


I am seeking your vote on November 6. I will work with you and my council colleagues to improve District 2 and the entire city of Oxnard.

I have a proven record of making difficult but important decisions for our city’s future and your family’s well-being.

During my tenure I have: 

  • Voted to secure our financial future by strengthening Oxnard’s infrastructure, financial health, sustainability, accountability and creditworthiness. 
  • Voted for enhanced police and fire services. 
  • Voted to keep Oxnard on the path to becoming a more modern, successful city with a dynamic economy.
  • Voted for essential programs for our youth and seniors.
  • Voted to bring our recycling center under city control, ensuring accountability to residents, saving millions of dollars.
  • Voted to invest $30 million dollars for Oxnard’s streets.
  • Been responsive to Oxnard residents and businesses and I pledge to continue to be responsive to the residents of District 2 for all of Oxnard’s needs.
  • I have never missed a council meeting in my term.
  • Worked to keep Oxnard free of toxic and polluting industries.
  • Sought solutions to regional problems.

I would appreciate your vote. Thank you!

Please stand with Oxnard Councilwoman Carmen Ramirez once again.

Carmen works for the people of Oxnard.
Carmen has a new vision for Oxnard.
Carmen’s experience will help keep Oxnard moving in the right direction.

  • Restore and maintain public trust in city government
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Invest in local jobs and businesses
  • Support small businesses and responsible entrepreneurs
  • Revitalize and beautify all of Oxnard’s neighborhoods
  • Improve opportunities for Oxnard’s youth
  • Preserve and protect Oxnard’s natural resources
  • Support a safer and healthier Oxnard
  • Best use of your tax dollars
  • Prepare for Oxnard’s future challenges