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VC Star endorses Carmen Ramirez for Oxnard mayor:

“The Star’s Editorial Board endorses City Councilwoman Carmen Ramirez for mayor. Her judgment, experience and grasp of issues make her the best-prepared candidate to lead Oxnard.

Ms. Ramirez is a longtime city resident, an attorney and a committed community leader. Her record includes positions in local and state organizations, president of the Ventura County Bar Association and member of the board of governors of the State Bar of California.

She was elected to the City Council two years ago and had no involvement in the problems revealed by the district attorney. She is intent on seeing that the city enforce rules to prevent cronyism and rebuild public confidence.

Her work as a public-service lawyer has given her an authentic understanding of the community. She was a leader of the opposition to a liquefied natural gas terminal off the county coastline.

Ms. Ramirez is an independent thinker and has the intelligence, temperament and integrity to succeed as mayor. Her ability to speak Spanish is an added plus for a mayor who can help make city government more accountable, inclusive and responsive to the public.”

Carmen Ramirez VCStar interviewclick to hear.

The interview is just over 40 minutes and answers questions posed by the Star’s editorial staff. If you want to know more about what Carmen thinks about issues facing Oxnard and what she will do to move Oxnard forward it’s worth your time.

VC Reporter endorses Carmen Ramirez for mayor of Oxnard

City Council members Carmen Ramirez and Tim Flynn have been seen as allies on the Council based on their voting records, and we hope one of them is elected to serve as mayor. But when it comes to being the face of Oxnard, we feel that Ramirez would be the better choice.
Considering the legal mess that has buried Oxnard’s progress for the past several years, having a lawyer at the helm seems like a good strategy. Oxnard also has roughly 75 percent Latino population, and Ramirez’s previous outreach and legal work within that population shows that she will keep in mind what is in the best interests for the cultural majority of the city. Ramirez says she will end the “old boys” culture in City Hall that gives preferences to out-of-area contractors, and put a stop to no-bid contracts. Her record so far indicates she will. Vote for Carmen Ramirez for the mayor of Oxnard.”

Carmen Ramirez for Oxnard Mayor – 2012
The Mayor who is on your side.

Carmen works for the people of Oxnard.
Carmen has a new vision for Oxnard.
Carmen’s experience will help keep Oxnard moving in the right direction.

  • Restore and Maintain public trust in city government
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Invest in local jobs and businesses
  • Support small businesses and responsible entrepreneurs
  • Revitalize and beautify all of Oxnard’s neighborhoods
  • Partnership with all educators of Oxnard’s youth
  • Preserve and protect Oxnard’s natural resources

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