Carmen Ramirez Oxnard Councilwoman

I am seeking your vote on November 6. I will work with you and my council colleagues to improve District 2 and the entire city of Oxnard.

I have a proven record of making difficult but important decisions for our city’s future and your family’s well-being.

During my tenure I have: 

Voted to secure our financial future by strengthening Oxnard’s infrastructure, financial health, sustainability, accountability and creditworthiness. 

Voted for enhanced police and fire services. 

Voted to keep Oxnard on the path to becoming a more modern, successful city with a dynamic economy.

Voted for essential programs for our youth and seniors.

Voted to bring our recycling center under city control, ensuring accountability to residents, saving millions of dollars.

Voted to invest $30 million dollars for Oxnard’s streets.

Been responsive to Oxnard residents and businesses and I pledge to continue to be responsive to the residents of District 2 for all of Oxnard’s needs.

I have never missed a council meeting in my term.

Worked to keep Oxnard free of toxic and polluting industries.

Sought solutions to regional problems.

I would appreciate your vote. Thank you!


Keep Councilwoman Carmen Ramirez
on the Oxnard City Council – 2018

Oxnard Councilwoman Carmen Ramirez - Oxnard City Council

For the past six years, Oxnard Councilwoman Carmen Ramirez has led Oxnard to make substantial changes. Oxnard is becoming a better city and I am proud of my record, helping to make that happen.

  • I helped lead the effort to bring our trash and recycling services back under city control, saving taxpayers $2.5 million the first year alone.
  • I initiated a utility assistance program for low-income seniors, the establishment of a youth commission, and a preference for businesses that hire Oxnard residents.
  • I helped put an end to no-bid contracts.
  • I have supported citywide street repairs, more public participation in city decisions, better use of tax dollars and fought against sprawl.
  • I am the leader working for full restoration of Ormond Beach wetlands and pushing for action on the cleanup of the HALACO toxic dump.
  • I voted to stand up for Oxnard and not settle the lawsuit with the former City Manager.
  • I led the successful effort to favor local bidders for Oxnard City contracts.
  • I led the successful effort to ban a fourth power plant on our coast.

I pledge to continue these and other efforts – to enhance police and fire services for safer neighborhoods, expand city services such as parks, sports facilities, tourism and the arts, and to create more and better jobs for our residents.

Please stand with Oxnard Councilwoman Carmen Ramirez once again.

Carmen works for the people of Oxnard.
Carmen has a new vision for Oxnard.
Carmen’s experience will help keep Oxnard moving in the right direction.

        • Restore and maintain public trust in city government
        • Accountability and transparency
        • Invest in local jobs and businesses
        • Support small businesses and responsible entrepreneurs
        • Revitalize and beautify all of Oxnard’s neighborhoods
        • Improve opportunities for Oxnard’s youth
        • Preserve and protect Oxnard’s natural resources
        • Support a safer and healthier Oxnard
        • Best use of your tax dollars
        • Prepare for Oxnard’s future challenges